Ever wondered what happens when a water tank gets too full?

All of our rural tanks come with a huge 150mm overflow we like to call a “Megaflow”, which is currently the largest standard overflow on the market. An overflow is a safety device that helps let water flow out of the tank, so when it gets too full it has somewhere to escape, usually out to a drain or ditch. On a liner tank this overfilling can cause issues such as water going behind the liner and being trapped between the liner and the steel body causing rust and corrosion or spilling over the walls and out of the tank potentially flooding your house or garden.

A problem with older tanks is the overflow is usually just a hole cut into the wall and while this might be cheap and easy to do means you lose alot of your tank’s potential storage capacity because when the water reaches the bottom of the hole it will now start pouring out. Pioneer has come up with a solution for this! Our Megaflow has an internal elbow that faces upwards and placed on top of that is a funnel. This means your tank can fill up past that overflow hole increasing how much water your tank can hold over a conventional hole, because we include the funnel it acts like a weir increasing how much water can flow incase there is a huge downpour. Our 150mm overflow has been calculated at being able to handle 900 liters a minute!

We also include a ‘frog flap’ on the outside pipe to help stop bugs and small animals from climbing into your tank from the overflow, keeping your tanks water fresh for longer.

150mm Megaflow


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