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Custom Tank Roofs

Custom Tank Roofs

Pioneer Water Tanks (SA) can create custom steel roofs to fit existing concrete or steel, round or rectangular tanks. Quality tank roofs can improve your water quality by reducing the likelihood of algae growth through sunlight exposure and hindering vermin and fauna access. They may also potentially strengthen the structural integrity of your tank so that your investment lasts longer.

Dome Roof Construction Detail

  • A low profile roof constructed of hot dip galvanised trusses made from all RHS Steel, no angle or flat bar for ultimate strength and Australian Made Bluescope corrugated roof sheets spanning the tank diameter with a small overlap on the outside.
  • The overlap is then trimmed back to the arc of the tank with approximately 50-100mm overhang left for water runoff.
  • Metal Top Edges may need to be fitted to concrete or thin steel section tanks to allow fixing of the roof sheets around the top circumference of the tank. This ensures steel on steel fixing for the roof instead of concrete plugs which can come loose with time or vibration.
  • A hinged Lockable Access Hatch is included with each installed roof to keep out inquisitive youngsters.
  • Foamseal is an optional extra which, when fitted, keeps leaves and vermin from entering the tank and contaminating its contents.

Heavy duty Pioneer roofs are available for very large / commercial grade tanks to 20m.

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