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Eco-Zyme B+ Septic Treatment

ATTENTION Septic Tank Owners!

Septic systems can damage the environment and be very costly to maintain.

Eco-Zyme B+ can save you the cost of cleaning products, prevent pumpouts, prevent blockages and destroy unwanted odour in the one application.

Eco-Zyme B+ can also reduce the amount of pollutants that leach into the environment from your system.

What is Eco-Zyme B+?

Eco-Zyme B+ is a non toxic and biodegradable liquid formulated in Australia. It is designed to maintain problem free septic systems and to cure costly promblems that can occur.

Eco-Zyme B+ is a completely new formulation created to complement the Eco-Zyme range of products.

Eco-Zyme B+ contains scientifically adapted, highly active microbes which break down grease, oil, fibre and sludge. They are contained in a unique blend of dispersants and micro-nutrients which make the microbes go straight to work cleaning and deodorising toilets, bathrooms and drains as well as digesting the waste in the septic system.

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How does Eco-Zyme B+ work?

Microbes are natures way of cleaning up after us.

Eco-Zyme B+ contains natural microbes that have been selectively cultivated. They have been chosen for their ability to multiply quickly, produce enzymes and rapidly consume waste.

By carefully observing and isolating which microbes perform the best, Eco-Zyme has developed cultures that are aggressive digesters of septic tank waste.

For the Eco-Zyme microbes to digest waste, they first produce enzymes. These enzymes break down waste into an organic soup which the microbes can consume rapidly.

The microbes convert the organic waste into water, natural gases and a small amount of sludge-like matter (see right).

Unfortunately, we tend to wipe out the natural microbes in the system when we use acid, caustic, detergents, chlorine-based disinfectants and ammonia found in some household cleaning products.

Eco-Zyme B+ microbes are selectively adapted to better tolerate exposure to toxins in household cleaning products. Ordinary microbes can be incapacitated by the continual onslaught of modern chemicals.

The toxin tolerant strains of microbes contained in Eco-Zyme B+ have been selected for their ability to digest the detergents, grease, fat, proteins, paper and starch found in septic tanks.

However for optimum performance of your septic system harsh toxins should be avoided.

Eco-Zyme as Odour Control

Odour problems in the system will be treated if the product is used as per directions.

Eco-Zyme B+ can also be diluted at a rate of up to 1 in 50 with water and sprayed onto any smelly area.

Smelly Drains

Mix 1/2 cup of Eco-Zyme B+ with two cups of water and apply down any smelly drains. Leave overnight and flush through in the morning.

Effluent Care M200S and M290S (previously M230S) eliminate odours in a wide range of applications.

Recommended for use in municipal wastewater systems; waste transfer stations and institutional applications such as –

  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Food processing plants
  • Intensive livestock industries

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