Septic Treatment

ATTENTION Septic Tank Owners!

Septic systems can damage the environment and be very costly to maintain.

Eco-Zyme B+ can save you the cost of cleaning products, prevent pumpouts, prevent blockages and destroy unwanted odour in the one application.

Eco-Zyme B+ can also reduce the amount of pollutants that leach into the environment from your system.

What is Eco-Zyme B+?

Eco-Zyme B+ is a non toxic and biodegradable liquid formulated in Australia. It is designed to maintain problem free septic systems and to cure costly promblems that can occur.

Eco-Zyme B+ is a completely new formulation created to complement the Eco-Zyme range of products.

Eco-Zyme B+ contains scientifically adapted, highly active microbes which break down grease, oil, fibre and sludge. They are contained in a unique blend of dispersants and micro-nutrients which make the microbes go straight to work cleaning and deodorising toilets, bathrooms and drains as well as digesting the waste in the septic system.

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