Ensuring your tank is around for the next generation

When choosing a new steel water tank, there are usually 2 types of steel to choose from; ZINCALUME® from Bluescope® Steel or Traditional Galvanized. It can be tough to know just what the differences are, in this article created by Bluescope® we hope it will help show and inform you why ZINCALUME® is the superior choice for water tanks and why it will provide decades of service. The main concern with any steel in close proximity to water is corrosion and rust. So first we must look at the idea behind putting a coating on steel and the reasonings behind it to inhibit that corrosion.

  • Barrier Protection:

Works on the principal of allowing oxygen & moisture to reach the steel surface. In the absence of oxygen and moisture corrosion may not proceed. In a metal coated context, coatings consist of inherently corrosion resistant metals such as Aluminium, Tin, Gold ,etc

    • Pro – Coatings are long-lasting and resistant to temperature change, abrasion, erosion, UV and are often electrically conductive.
    • Con – If the coating is scratched, cracked, etc and steel is exposed, localised corrosion will proceed uninhibited and in some instance will be accelerated by presence of metal coating.
  • Sacrificial Protection:

All metals have the potential to corrode. This potential is referred to as “activity”. When steel is coated with a more active metal, that metal will corrode in preference to the steel and provide protection from the corrosive influence. ie sacrifice itself.

    • Pro – Sacrificial protection is effective even if the steel substrate is exposed, as it is based on electrical conductivity. Sacrificial coatings physically migrate to a corrosion site to provide protection.
    • Con – Being sacrificial in nature, the coating is depleted as it provides protection.
  • Duplex Coatings:

Takes both principals previously described and combines the best features of each. Alloying of metals with differing corrosion performance allows coating to be created that offer both barrier protection to protect the underlying steel, but also sacrificial protection in the event the steel is cut, scratched, drilled etc.

    • Pro – Coatings are very long life and at the same time protect exposed areas of steel
    • Con – Compromise in properties, sacrificial protection slightly less than full sacrificial system and barrier slightly less than full barrier system.

Galvanized steel  >  Sacrificial Coating ZINCALUME® steel  >  Duplex Coating

What is Galvanized Steel?

  • Galvanized steel is zinc coated (99.8% zinc).
  • Has been around in its current form since 1936.
  • The zinc coating is only sacrificial.
  • It gives itself up to the environment to protect the steel.

What is ZINCALUME® Steel?

  • Made Only by Bluescope® Steel.
  • ZINCALUME® with ActivateTM technology is coated with a zinc/ aluminium/ magnesium alloy (55% Al, Zn).
  • Combines the sacrificial benefits of zinc with the long life barrier protection of aluminium.
  • ActivateTM technology Allows the alloy to protect surrounding bare metal in the event a scratch happens that removes the ZINCALUME®.
  • ZINCALUME® steel has a fine resin coating that serves a number of functions including, temporary corrosion protection, anti-finger marking, reduction of wet stack storage and dry lubricant. Galvanised steel is not resin-coated.

Real World Test Results: The testing below was done using a salt sprayer. Zincalume vs Galvanized Salt Spray Test

This next test was done outdoor to show exposure after 11 years. Zincalume vs Galvanized 11 Year Test

As you can see from the above images and information provided, when put through rigorous testing ZINCALUME® is the superior steel coating and will provide your tank with not just years of service, but be there for the next generation to enjoy aswell! Because zincalume is a Bluescope only product, it also means your Pioneer water tank is made with Australian Steel.

Ensuring your tank is around for the next generation

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