Have that old concrete tank that’s slowly leaking or has half the roof rusted and collapsed? We can bring a new lease on life by installing our Custom Liners and Custom Rooves for your existing tanks. These can extend the life of your tank and provide quality improvements for years to come.


Custom Liner:

Our custom tank liners are made right here in Australia! They are BPA free and food grade so you can rest assured the water quality will be great. We custom manufacture these liners so they perfectly fit into your existing tank, we can do round or square tanks in existing steel, concrete and brick tanks. The liners are affixed with either class 4 teks in steel tanks or stainless steel anchors in concrete and brick tanks.

Custom Tank Liner

Custom Roof:

Our custom rooves are made with genuine Bluescope steel and the trusses are fabricated right here in South Australia! We use only SHS steel in the top and bottom cords aswell as the uprights when we build our trusses for maximum strength which are then hot dip galvanised for longevity. The truss feet which attach to your tank use a telescopic leg to ensure the perfect fit every time!

We also use what we call a top edge, a L shaped angled bracket which runs the length of the top of the tank wall which is the anchored into the wall, this means when we screw the roof down, the tek screws have a steel to steel contact ensuring a strong wind proof connection. The tek screws used are class 4 for maximum strength and longevity.

All of this combined means a Pioneer custom roof is strong, long lasting and Australian made to get many more years out of your tank.

Custom Roof with top edge














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