Providing the freshest cleanest water.


You might be wondering if all water tank liners are the same? Or what the differences are between all the brands? In the article below we will go through why a Pioneer water tank liner is the strongest, freshest, most advanced liner on the market today.

Food Grade Liner:

One of the biggest benefits of a Pioneer water tank liner is that you get the worlds first anti-bacterial and anti-microbial food grade liner. When designing the liner our designers wanted to make sure our customers got the freshest cleanest water from a water tank ever so we teamed up with scientists from Switzerland to incorporate silver Ions into the liner using the Sanitized® antimicrobial technology. This meant we not only met the Australian Standards for water tank liners but exceeded them. Alot of ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew of the antibacterial properties of silver and would place silver coins in their drinking vessels and fountains to keep the water fresher for longer.

Liner Design:

Pioneer water Tank Liners have a reinforced weave with a 5 layer design, this means our liners last over 97,000 water cycles (tank draining and filling up) so you’ll never have to worry about liners stretching and failing due to material stress. Please check out the video below showing the benefit of our weave reinforced liner with our V-Lock wall profile compared to a traditional corrugated water tank and liner. Some companies will claim their liner can stretch upto 700%, but would you feel safe knowing something you purchased has to stretch itself 7 times just to work?

Pioneer Aqualiner Fresh Layers

All of this means, for a household with a rainwater tank  when you fill up a cup of rainwater from your Pioneer tank you can rest assured you are drinking the cleanest tank water available in a tank that will last not just years but for the next generation to come..

Providing you with the freshest cleanest water.


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