V-LOCK® The strongest tank on the market

Our exclusive Pioneer V-LOCK® tank wall profile provides the strength of cold formed steel and maintains a superior load-bearing support profile behind the internal tank liner, to maximise the life of the liner. It also looks fantastic!

The Profile:

Our water tank is designed and built on solid engineering principles and our distinctive Pioneer V-LOCK® wall profile is significantly different from all other tanks. Why? Unlike most other tanks, the Pioneer V-LOCK® profile was custom engineered for the sole purpose of water storage. It’s so good it won an Australian Design Award, but what does it do? What’s so special about our unique Pioneer V-LOCK® tank wall profile?

It gives profiling to the sheet metal which gives it inherit strength just like how car manufacturers add shapes and styles to increase the strength of the body panels.

Pioneer’s exclusive Pioneer V-LOCK® wall profile also provides the exceptional internal strength and support for the tank liner. It provides a superior level of support when compared with a traditional corrugated wall profile, and that’s very important when it comes to making a tank liner last longer. We know this because we’ve been doing it for longer than anyone else.

The Boltstrip:

We use a single piece bolt strip in the construction of our tanks, unlike using just a nut and bolt the Boltstrip allows even and consistent clamping force along the length of the strip. The bolts are concealed by our Boltstrip cover which also not only provides a clean finish and hides the threads to avoid tampering, but is also clamped to the tanks wall by wrapping around the bolt strip. Our bolt strips are not thin sheet metal which is used purely for decoration but to help make a Pioneer Tank even stronger. Together this system means you have a super strong and rigid column to support the tank instead of just bolts and nuts holding together individual panels.

The Bolts:

All the bolts used in the construction of a Pioneer Watertank are high tensile, galvanized bolts with flanged heads for superior strength and clamping ability.

Bolt and Panel Design

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