Why should you put a CFS Fire Reserve onto your water tank?

Do you live in a bushfire risk area or wanting to add bushfire protection to your house? There are many towns in South Australia that are in bushfire risk areas and even some outer suburbs of Adelaide are considered in bushfire risk areas, Then make sure to read on.

Reassurance you always have water ready to fight fires in a emergency!

There are many benefits in buying a steel lined water tank over other options such as a poly tank in bushfire risk areas. On top of being highly fire resistant to not fail during a bushfire so that water is there available after the fire front as passed through and the ability to combine firewater storage with your regular domestic water supply into one tank.

This has many benefits such as:

    • Reassurance you always have water ready to fight fires in a emergency
    • Cheaper cost, only needing to buy a single tank
    • Less space taken up instead of multiple tanks
    • Ensuring water is available for CFS crews to refill trucks
    • Ensures water is available to eliminate spot fires
    • Ensures water is available for livestock

If you aren’t sure if you require a fire reserve when purchasing your new tank please make contact with your local council. Typically when building a new house or shed council will require a certain amount of water to be held for fire fighting purposes. The 3 main reserve amounts normally required which are dependant on your Bushfire Attack Level also known as BAL are;

    • 5,000 litres
    • 10,000 litres
    • 22,500 litres

If council doesn’t require you to maintain a CFS Fire Reserve or you will have fire fighting water available from a different source such as a dam or swimming pool, here at Pioneer we believe it is always a good idea to have it installed ‘just in case’. 

Let our tanks help protect your most valuable assets!

Above is a diagram showing how you can create what we like to call a Dual Purpose Watertank, by placing the domestic water outlet higher on the tank ensures there is always a fire water reserve.

If you would like to read further in-depth about utilizing your tank for fire protection or how a pioneer tank was fire tested by the CSIRO and passed without a structural failure.

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CSIRO Fire Tested


Reassurance you always have water ready to fight fires in a emergency

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