Tank Accessories

Hinged Access Hatch

A hinged access hatch can replace the standard access hatch for easier more frequent access to your Pioneer Tank.

Additional Standard Access Hatch

If you more access points to your tank additional standard access hatches can be purchased to supplement the included hatch.


Heavy Duty Hinged Hatch
Additional Ladder and Bracket

All Pioneer tanks come with a ladder, bracket and access hatch as standard. If you have additional access hatches or filter baskets however, an extra ladder and bracket will make them easy to access.




Hatch Ladder Bracket
80mm Outlet

An 80mm outlet can replace or supplement your standard 50mm outlet with valve to meet higher flow requirements.

80mm Outlet with Valve

An 80mm outlet with valve can replace or supplement your standard 50mm outlet with valve to meet higher flow requirements.


80mm Outlet
Liquidator Level Indicator

A level indicator from Pioneer lets you know exactly how much water you have, with models and styles to suit every application. The liquidator level indicator is our standard level indicator. It operates via a float inside the tank, connected via cable and pulley to a slide on the exterior. It provides a true reading of the level inside the tank and is suitable for potable water and effluent applications.

Liquidator Level Indicator
Dipstick Level Indicator

A dipstick level indicator provides 360° visibility via a pole on a float that protrudes from the tank roof. Ideal for checking levels from a distance in any direction and the dipstick can’t be damaged by stock.







Dipstick Level Indicator
Filter Baskets

Pioneer Water Tanks can provide stainless steel or standard filter baskets that allow multiple 90mm or 100mm inlets that can be fitted to any tank.






Additional Filter Baskets

We can provide additional filter baskets of all types to accommodate multiple inlets.






Additional Filter Baskets
50mm Fire Outlet

A domestic outlet with CFS fire coupling.





50mm Fire Outlet
Fire Tree

A fire tree can provide up to 3 outlets for fire fighting use.





Fire Tree Outlet
Poly or Galv Anti Vortex

An anti vortex plate on an outlet prevents a vortex from forming which draws air into the outlet pipe and reduces flow rate.











Anti Vortex
Fire Reserve outlet

Some councils require a fire reserve outlet which is placed below the domestic outlet in order to reserve some fire water in your tank for the CFS to use in emergency.





Superseal and condensation strips
Superseal protects your stored water from dust, insects and frogs.










Fascia strips
Fascia strips offer protection from sharp edges and a clean, modern tank profile.










Geotextile tank underlay

At Pioneer we recommend using Geotextile as a protective barrier for the Tank Liner. As a result of using Geotextile, we do not require a sand pad for construction, a cheaper crusher dust pad can be used instead. Geotextile is also used in erosion control and dam lining.




Sacrificial Anodes

Pioneer water tanks are installed with a sacrificial magnesium anode. If you are a fisherman you may already know how it works!. In brief, normal corrosion results from a transfer of ‘ions’ and hence electrical current flow between anodic and cathodic zones of a metal surface. These zones of different potential develop primarily due to variations in metallurgy, oxygen and moisture levels. When connected to the structure, the magnesium anodes act to counter this transfer by providing a source of electrical current such that the overall net current flow (hence corrosion) approaches zero.A secondary effect is the transfer of calcium and other alkaline salts through the soil being deposited on, and protecting the metal surface. This film is known as a calcareous deposit and serves to further inhibit corrosion by elevating the pH to a more alkaline condition.

 Sacrifical Anodes