Fire Protection

Fire TanksWater tanks for fire fighting and sprinkler systems

To protect lives, property and the environment, fire fighting and sprinkler system tanks need to be correctly installed and capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.

All of our fire protection tanks are robustly built and fully compliant with AS 2304-2011 Australian Standards and the ‘National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry’.  Also tested by the CSIRO, our tanks have been shown to maintain structural and storage integrity in the most extreme bushfire conditions.

Whatever your needs, we can design a fire water storage system that will
meet any technical specifications or insurance requirements you have. A
reliable fire water system will ensure that your property and contents are securely protected against the risk of fire.

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A Pioneer Water Tank put to the test by the Australian Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre:


The Result

“Steel construction liner tanks maintained structural integrity during all tests. The liner construction proved able to retain water during and after the fire-front, which is critical for the protection of property and assets in the event of a bushfire.”

-Bushfire CRC, 2006