About Us

Safety, Environment and Quality are important to us

Providing water storage solutions for almost 30 years, our Safety, Environment and Quality (SEQ) responsibilities are integral to the way we do business.

Our Commitments
We are committed to the highest standards and continual improvement in our SEQ performance. We adapt new equipment and methods as they become available.

Health and Safety
All injuries can and must be prevented by combining Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA’s) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) to identify and manage each risk. This responsibility lies with each of us.

We are committed to recycling and waste minimisation. On your site in even the most remote location we have what we call our ‘No Ice Coffee Carton’ rule which ensures no waste is left on site.

We strive to help and support those who strengthen our community. We support groups like Trojans Trek (that help the Australians who have kept us all safe) and SANFL Community Football through the Kick in for Pinery campaign.

Zero Faults
Pioneer Water Tanks (SA) firmly believes that all faults can be prevented and is committed to achieving zero faults with the products and services we provide to our customers.